Sell On Havenarth

Why sell on Havenarth?

Havenarth, an exclusive online shopping site in India is providing a large platform to number of vendors to be recognised largely. It also uplifts the vendor's identity by providing them a fair chance of exposure to the market at large scale at fair price. Keeping in mind, the priorities of our vendors, we mainly focus on three key-points viz Growth, Minimum cost & Easy to ship. We all know marketing is not an easy thing especially when things are getting highly competitive and modernised, so modern problems require modern solutions. We ensure the growth of customers and shall provide all basic supports to all our vendors as mentioned earlier. Secondly, we charges minimum cost for every single product so that our vendors remain in profit and get the worthy price of their products. As compared to all other sites, Havenarth charges the least selling fee from its vendors.

How to Sell?

You just need 3 things to sell on Havenarth.

  •  You must Have your GSTIN
  •  Requires minimum 1 product to sell on Havenarth
  •  Cancelled Cheque

How to Register?

You Only need to follow 4 steps to Register as a vendor on Havenarth

  •  Mobile No.
  •  Email Id
  •  Store Name
  •  GSTIN

Vendor Benefits


Havenarth Customer Service Team will always Support in each and everyStep, Vendor shall attain paid services like Photography, Banner, Packaging, Accounting & Taxation and much more.


Funds are always deposited safely on Vendor's Bank A/c, even for cash on delivery orders within 7 to 14 days.


Vendors need not take any stress about Shipping . Havenarth Smart Ship Courier Partner will collect and deliver your product directly to the customer.

What to do?

  1. Always pack your product by Havenarth Packaging Materials, You can order the packaging materials from Havenarth Vendor Dashboard.

  2. Always update your products and stay active in Havenarth so that you can manage your orders and track your sale.

What not to do?

  1. Don't use other or your own packaging materials, it may lead to blockage of your account by Havenarth.

  2. If your order dispatched gets delay from the said time thrice regularly then havenarth will take strict actions regarding this such as blocking your account. To reopen it,you must submit valid evidence and after our approval you may continue further.


Havenarth provides recognition to all merchants and helps in better transaction with customers which is now available at your fingertips. It broadens the scope of marketing by providing a vast platform to all the vendors at the same time making their dreams come true. It also covers the welfare of each vendor by increasing income per capita. In this way,it covers all the arenas of upliftment such as saves time, energy and money (charges least fees) and does not require additional space for one's products. Therefore, it is always the best option for those looking forward to the development of one's brand with satisfactory price.