Starting Guide

1. Why should I sell on Havenarth?
Havenarth, an exclusive online shopping site in India is providing a large platform to number of vendors to be recognised largely. It also uplifts the vendor's identity by providing them a fair chance of exposure to the market at large scale at fair price. Keeping in mind, the priorities of our vendors, we mainly focus on three key-points viz Growth, Minimum cost & Easy to ship. We all know marketing is not an easy thing especially when things are getting highly competitive and modernised, so modern problems require modern solutions. We ensure the growth of customers and shall provide all basic supports to all our vendors as mentioned earlier. Secondly, we charges minimum cost for every single product so that our vendors remain in profit and get the worthy price of their products. As compared to all other sites, Havenarth charges the least selling fee from its vendors.
2. Who can sell on Havenarth?
Anyone can sell on Havenarth. You only need to have:
  1. ) GSTIN
  2. ) Cancelled Cheque
  3. ) Signature
  4. ) 1 Unique Product.
3. When can I start selling?
According to Havenarth's vendor team, once the complete verification process has been done which includes completion of your profile i.e vendor's profile, the listing and selling of your product(s) can be done.
4. How many minimum products are required to sell on Havenarth?
You are required to have a minimum 1 Unique Product to sell on Havenarth.
5. Does Havenarth provides packaging materials too?
You can order or purchase it on our Havenarth Vendor Panel.

Pricing & Fees

1. Is any charges applicable for listing products on Havenarth?
No, any extra charges are not applicable for selling your product(s) on Havenarth except for the minimum commission mentioned at the terms and policies of vendor's page.
2. Who decides the product's price on Havenarth?
Being a vendor, you yourself can decide the price(s) of your own product(s).
3. How to calculate the cost of product?
To calculate it, follow the steps below:
  1. ) Firstly go to Pricing and Fees page.
  2. ) Click on Price Calculator.
So, you can calculate the product's cost by following the above given easy steps.
4. When & How do I get my payment?
All payments are to be made through NEFT mode.
You can receive it directly on your registered bank a/c within 7-15 working days.


1. Who will take the responsibility of my product to be sold on Havenarth?
The Havenarth logistics partner shall pick up the product from your place and deliver it as well to the address.
As a vendor, you just need to pack your product and make it ready for dispatch on time.